Voddie Baucham’s “Why I Choose To Believe In The Bible” Sermon + Study Guide

As a Christian, I can appreciate scholars, professors and church ministers when they give a well thought out presentation on any given topic within the wide field of apologetics… However, I am very careful to not make the non-believer the judge over whether or not God is truly who he says he is. If you haven’t done so already, please read the Apologetics & Evidences post.

Pastor Voddie Baucham is, in fact, a Presuppositionalist. This video is meant for the encouragement and edification of believers. It’s refreshing to listen to a Reformed presentation on the reliability of the Bible. Below on the left, you will see the video. Below on the right, you will see links to download/view the study guide I created for your benefit. Please feel free to make more copies of the pamphlets, but I ask that you do not alter them in any way. We love to be encouraged when we hear about the use of our resources. 🙂

“Why I Choose To Believe In The Bible”

Study Guides

Booklet Format:
Simple print front and back for each document and fold.
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Part 2 (docx.)

Full Page Format:
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