IV Conerly

IV Conerly  ★★★★★ Website: IVhisson.com Facebook: Click Here About the Artist: IV Conerly grew up in Escondido, CA where he began getting into trouble with the law at an early age, and eventually became involved in a life of gang banging and drug dealing. He was also passionate about pursuing rap … Continue reading

The Result

The Result  ★★★★★ Record Label: N/A Facebook: Click Here About The Artist Unfortunately, there is not much information about Result online, except that he is a part of the Wrath And Grace clothing line. Read below to learn about his music and content. (We will update this portion as we find out more … Continue reading

Apologetics & Evidences

As a Presuppositionalist, I can appreciate scholars, professors and church ministers when they give a well thought out presentation on any given topic within the wide field of apologetics. From philosophy to history and science, Christendom has been known to provide rigorous arguments for Christian-theism. Evidences and proofs for the … Continue reading